Christopher Coutanceau

Committed cook-fisherman

The Michelin 3- Star Chef has always been a passionate angler and sailor, and is a fervent advocate of sustainable fishing and anti-waste cuisine.

Every morning at the fish auction, he thoroughly selects the most beautiful local shellfish, crustaceans and line fish. By respect for environment and lifecycle, endangered species and those in breeding seasons are banned from his menus. A cuisine from the ocean to the table.

Sailing his rigid inflatable boat as often as he can, the Chef has always adopted respectful fishing practices. Through his professional and angler practices, he is deeply committed today in raising awareness on the conservation of the ocean and its marine life and fostering small-scale fishing. He collaborates with several associations, such as "Ré Nature Environnement".

Along with the Bloom association, he actively raised his voice to ban from Europe devastating industrial practices such as  electric pulse fishing and deep-sea trawling. He was awarded the "Prize of Sustainable Gastronomy" in 2019, a first in the Michelin guide history.

"Thrilling and fascinating, the ocean is my passion. It’s my life!"

"It forged me and is part of my daily activities. I love exploring each spot and learning about the marine species of my area. I care about advocating sustainable fishing and I am committed to  conservation of the ocean and its marine life. That makes me feel alive. Here my mind can disconnect. This deep blue, so relaxing, and the beautiful nature just make me feel alive and happy. 

 It’s my grandfather, André Coutanceau, who taught me everything. I loved and admired this man. He passed on me his passion for fishing and sea observation. When returning from angling, my  grandmother Guiguitte cooked like a great chef our catch of the day : fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Actually, I grant her 3-stars! That's why I wanted to become a great cook and a real fisherman. Thanks to my life story and to those who nurtured me.

In my daily life, fishing at sea inspires me a great respect for natural resources and its produces that make this  magical place a priceless treasure. I enjoy leaving early in the morning to explore the seabed and angle, respecting the rules of art, to catch just what is needed for tasting and sharing these sea candies.  This is an extraordinary source of daily inspiration and expression for my cooking.  I try to pass on this ethics to my team and of course to my guests, thanks to whom I have the luxury to live my two passions : cooking and fishing."

Christopher COUTANCEAU