The Dining Room

As you enter, you find yourself fully immersed in the fascinating universe of the deep sea. The brand-new decor allows you to take a dive in the ocean themed atmosphere, created by the 3 star chef Christopher Coutanceau and his partner Nicolas Brossard.

Both owners imagined, along with ABP Architecture, a sea inspired decor, a universe in which they're deeply passionate about.

The new decor includes sand-like walls, a ceiling that mimics the deep sea, a blue abyss rug and more than 800 plant pendants that oscillate with depths from white to yellow…

The tableware is another ocean reminder with waterdrop shaped plates as well as fisherman-like knives.

Every detail has been carefully thought of and custom-made. Table art reflecting the marine creations of the chef.

The master of the house

Nicolas Brossard is a courteous and cheerful man, animated with a passion for gastronomy and sommelier, respectful of the knowledge handed down from his elders.

Trained in some of the greatest french maisons, such as Lucas Carton as well as Louis XV (Monaco), this humble and sensitive man tells the stories of the wine, their soil and the men that make them, like beautiful tales of life and the land.

Managing the Coutanceau house for several years, Nicolas Brossard strives for perfection, and most of all, with the will to offer a dream and pleasure to the customers.

Le restaurant

en quelques dates

C'est Michel Crépeau, le maire de La Rochelle à l'époque, qui est à l'origine du restaurant. La ville avait cette ancienne pergola sur la plage qu'elle voulait réhabiliter et faire vivre
Richard Coutanceau et sa femme Maryse, ouvrent le restaurant sur la plage de la concurrence
Le restaurant obtient sa 2eme étoile Michelin
Le restaurant devient membre des Relais & Châteaux
Christopher rejoint son père Richard Coutanceau au sein du restaurant
Nicolas Brossard rejoint les équipes
Nicolas Brossard et Christopher Coutanceau s'associent pour diriger ensemble l'établissement
Le restaurant conserve ses 2 étoiles au Guide Michelin
Rénovation de la cuisine
Reçoit le Welcome Trophy des établissements Relais & Château, récompense attribuée au meilleur des établissements de l'association à travers le monde
Devient membre des Grandes Tables du Monde
Rénovation de la salle, hommage à l'océan
Ouverture de la Yole de Chris
Le restaurant obtient sa 3ème étoile au Guide Michelin